20 benefits of Vitamin A & C that you need to know

If you know a little about Environ (aka best skincare products ever), you’ll know that its heavily based on Vitamin A and C. These two ingredients are the corner stone of the range and its best-selling product – AVST Moisturiser.



But do you understand why these two ingredients are so essential? In this blog post we will explore exactly why Vitamin A and C are so essential for your skin and what functions they perform. Enjoy!

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Vitamin A

Environ Skincare

Vitamin A has numerous benefits, both for the skin and body. Here however we are just listing the top ten (in science word and plain English). Drum roll, please…


1. Normalises cell differentiation (what?!)– this means that it normalises the skin and promotes skin health. What this means in nutshell is that if you have oily skin, vitamin A will make it less oily. If you have dry skin, vitamin A will increase the oil levels. It’s just clever like that.

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    2. Stimulates cell turnover – this means it’s a natural exfoliator and helps to promote smooth, soft skin whilst also decongesting the skin. Great for those of us with bumpy, uneven skin (I did use to include myself in that category before Environ!) 


      3. Compacts stratum corneum – (again what?) this means that it protects your skin from environmental toxins and attack. We undergo daily assault against pollutants and chemicals in our environment and vitamin A ensures that the skin can do everything it can to heal itself. Yes, your little skin is working very hard underneath there.

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        4. Thickens epidermis and restores dermal papillae – in plain English, it plumps and volumizes. Over a period of time vitamin, A thickens the skin which means it has a plumping effect. Which is why it’s often used in anti-ageing serums.


          5. Stimulates blood circulation – brings in nutrients and removes toxins. Vitamin A is great at doing this in the body as well. This benefit is practically good for acne prone skins as it helps to detox us.

            6. Normalises sebaceous glands – helps to control oil production, you may think that this is one for oily skins however this applies to both dry and oily skins. Your sebaceous glands are on overkill if you have oily skin and underperforming if you have dry skin. Vitamin A will help fix both, very clever stuff


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            7. Stimulates collagen and elastin – you see in your skin, you have these little cells called fibroblasts which help to produce your collagen and elastin and your vitamin A helps these fibroblasts perform better allowing you to produce more collagen and compact your elastin. Again, very clever.

              8. Increases secretion of glycosaminoglycans (moisture levels) this may sound like a very long word and honestly, it is, but what this means is that your vitamin A will help to lock in moisture to the lower levels of your skin.

                9. Protects and potentiates Langerhans cells – again, another very long word but this means that it protects your skin’s immunity, making it great for sensitive and reactive skin.

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                  10. Normalises melanin production – melanin is what gives you colour to your skin and vitamin A controls this production meaning that it can help prevent and correct pigmentation and sun damage. Happy days!


                    Vitamin C

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                    Although it doesn’t sound like many ingredients can top vitamin A, and to be honest nothing really can, but vitamin C comes a very close second (we will still give a silver). The way the Environ AVST step up system works is that you have low levels of Vitamin A and C to start and then step your way up slowly. So, imagine not just the 10 benefits of vitamin A on full power but also the 10 benefits of vitamin C, a moisturise power house!



                    Environ Skincare

                    1. Antioxidant protection – helps to keep the antioxidant levels in your skin high, this helps with free radical damage, pigmentation and ageing – think of when you cut open an apple and it goes brown, it’s loosing it’s antioxidants, that’s exactly what’s happening on your skin every day.


                    2. Stimulates and strengthens collagen – similar to Vitamin A, Vitamin C is a great anti-ageing ingredient cause it stimulates those clever fibroblasts (no, don’t worry you’re not expected to remember what they are) 

                    3. Strengthens capillary walls – reduces redness, this makes Vitamin C great for sensitive and reactive skins. All us pink people out there!

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                    4. Anti-inflammatory – again great for sensitive skin and also good when combined with vitamin A, which sometimes, because of its exfoliating properties, can be over stimulating to the skin and Vitamin C, it’s partner in crime, helps to soothe.

                    5. Clarity – lighten and brighten – Vitamin C is well known for this, it’s brightening qualities mean that it’s great for dull and tired skin.

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                    6. Photo-protective – it gives a natural SPF, which we just love.

                    7. Inhibits tyrosinase activity and stimulates melanocytes – in English, it reduces pigmentation and helps correct and control sun damage = happy skin.

                    8. Enhances Vitamin A and E – it’s vitamin A partner in crime, a great combo in skincare (and diet!)

                    Environ Skincare
                    9. Increases hydration – great for all skin types but especially dry/dehydrated skins.

                    10. Accelerates healing – this amazing quality is good for all skin types but especially acne and scarred skin which often is damaged and needs high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C to repair, and since vitamin C protects your antioxidants, double whammy.

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                      Wishing you happy and healthy skin from Ms. Glow X

                       Ms. Glow