Eye Makeup – The idiot proof guide to eyeshadow colour – Blue eyes

Eye makeup has always been one of those things that just confuses me! And it turns out I’m not alone! I always end up picking something up in shop, liking the look of it then letting the highly skilled professional in the shop apply to my eyes and think “Yeah of course I can go recreate that at home – no problem!” and then after attempting it at home, looked I’ve gone and got myself a black eye. Not the desired outcome.

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Only when I started to learn more about eye makeup did I start to understand why I had been getting everything so wrong! The colours I was choosing weren’t complimenting my eye colour, they weren’t making my eyes pop, instead making them look flat and two dimensional. Only when I really started to learn more about eye shadow did I really start to love it and now I rarely leave the house without it!

Therefore, below I have put together my idiot proof guide to eyeshadow colour and eyeshadows and how you can become an at home expert too! Enjoy!

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Blue Eyes

If you have light to dark blue eyes it’s more than likely that you will have blonde or light hair (if you have dark hair and blue eyes – firstly lucky you – but you can still, follow this guide). Opposite to blue in the colour wheel is yellow and orange so if you really want to make your eyes stand out, you will tend to go for more golds, coppers and warm tone eye shadows. 

Eyeshadow Primers: From Jane Iredale I could go for the Gold Smooth Affair for Eyes to help bring out the blue in your eyes and also the yellow/orange undertone will enhance your eyes even if you wear it on its own. You could also look at the Smooth Affair for Eyes in Iced Brown, more of a browny/gold undertone but still going to bring out the blue.


Eye Shadow:

Jane Iredale UK

Liquid Eye Shadow – I would try the Champagne Silk Eye Shere as the gold will help enhance the eyes. You can also use this product as a primer for the eyes and apply your eyeshadow over the top.

Eye Shadow –I would recommend the Day Time Eyeshadow kit which is brown, gold and yellow tones with a beautiful dark charcoal in there as well. It also contains some matte shades which is perfect for mature skin.



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Perfectly Nude Eye Shadow kit is also amazing – a few more pinky tones so good for those darker blue eyes rather than lighter.

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From the Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Triples, I would say the Brown Sugar is perfect – lots of oranges and brown tones, designed to really bring out the blue in your eyes.

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Eyeliners: From eye liners I would say the Mystikol in Dark Topaz would be amazing, it’s a lovely dark brown or if you want a real contrast then the Mystikol in Sapphire would be very striking!

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Top Tips:

Matte eyeshadow – always always better than glitter for mature skin. Glitter is for younger skins.

Purple eyeshadow – a colour that practically suits everyone! If in doubt, go for purple

Rule of thumb – go for darker shades in the outer corner, lighter shades in the inner corner

Jane Iredale UK

Less is more – don’t over load on your darkest shade. Remember the black eye scenario I had

Natural, natural – remember your eyes look great without eyeshadow so don’t overdo it – all you are doing is enhancing your eyes, not concealing them.

Wishing you happy and healthy skin from Ms. Glow X

Ms. Glow