How can gut health help my skin?

Everyday I find out more and more about how gut health is affecting your skin. Gut health is a big topic at the moment and everyone is trying to find out more about how they can ensure the best possible health for their gut and therefore the whole body. We are all beginning to understand how total body and skin health, really stems from the gut.

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What is causing your gut problems?

  • Bacteria in food
  • Infection
  • Stress
  • Certain medications
  • Chronic medical conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s disease and colitis

 Having worked as a skin therapist for a number of years now, I would say that I have 100% seen a big link between my clients who are taking probiotics and those that don’t, particularly with acne clients. Gut health is such a huge part of your skincare routine and should be treated as such. If you put half the effort that you put into your skincare and makeup into your gut health as well, I promise you will see results 10 fold.

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What can I do to look after my gut?

When it comes to looking after your gut, I’ve got a couple of key products that I always recommend. Digest Pro, Probiotics (more about these later) and Glutamine Powder. All these products from the Advanced Nutrition Programme will help to enhance your gut health as well as correct it if needed.

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Digest Pro – take 2 capsules with a meal

  • Maintains health digestion function
  • Helps to breakdown protein, starches, sugars, fats and lactose
  • Great for those of us who struggle to digest our food

Key Ingredients

  • Protease (breaks down protein)
  • Amylase (found in saliva and breaks down starches)
  • Lipase (breaks down fats)
  • Lactase (breaks down lactose)

The big problem that we have in the western diet is that we eat too many foods that are bodies, quite frankly, were not designed to eat. We were not designed to be eating vast amounts of cow’s milk and dairy products that our bodies could not break down because of the complex lactose enzyme. This is why we should all, in my opinion, be having something like Digest Pro, with every meal to balance out our diets which are becoming more and more stressful for our bodies to cope with. Also if you are not digesting your food then you are not receiving all the fantastic nutrients, vitamins and minerals from it, therefore, what’s the point of even eating it?



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Probiotics – 3-5 scoops a day in water, juice or smoothie

  • Aids digestion
  • Supports the immune function of the gut
  • Combats the loss of natural gut flora

Key Ingredients

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus (found in your intestine, its name gives you an indication of what it produces, lactase enzyme and helps to break down lactose and dairy)
  • Bifidus Infantis (helps to maintain a healthy digestive track and is a friendly gut bacterium. Same family as Lactobacillus)
  • Longum (friendly bacteria, good for gut health)
  • Brevis (often founded in fermented products and some red wines, friendly bacteria)

When it comes to seeing results with acne, I would always advise combining a Probiotic with Accumax. Gut health is essential when it comes to clearing up acne. Also, top tip, I would always recommend taking at least 3 different probiotics. No probiotic (yet) contains all the different strands of bacteria and 2 or 3 is much better than one because each brand contains different strands that your body can absorb and make use of.



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Glutamine Powder – 1 teaspoon a day in water, juice or smoothie (amazing most hangover cure!)

  • Calms gut inflammation
  • Maintains a healthy digestive tract lining
  • Appetite management

Key Ingredient

  • Glutamine 900mg

This powder is my little savour after a night out, it helps to completely calm sickness in your stomach as well as calming inflammation of your gut, which alcohol is notorious for. If you’ve ever heard of people drinking a pint of milk before they go out on a big night out to prevent sickness and hangovers (yes it does sound disgusting to me as well!) then what they are effectively doing is lining their gut so to prevent inflammation. A more healthy way to achieve this is through Glutamine powder, which builds up the natural barrier of your gut overtime.

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Gut health and acne

Gut health is important in all skin conditions but especially in acne. Your diet and gut health has been directly linked to acne and breakouts. I would always suggest consulting a good nutritionist if you are experiencing severe acne as most likely it is being triggered by something internal. However, to get you started I would always say Probiotics are the way forward.

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Wishing you happy and healthy skin, Ms. Glow X

Ms. Glow