Ms. Glow's journey with mineral makeup

 I’ve been a skin therapist for a number of years now and I often get asked what products, makeup and routine I use on my skin. Whilst I could sit here all day and go on it detail about every single product that I use (I really do mean all day) for today I’ve decided to just share my story with you and my journey with mineral makeup and how it has not only changed my skin but the way I look at makeup all together.

Jane Iredale UK



My Journey with Mineral Makeup

I LOVE makeup! Anyone that knows me knows that I just LOVE makeup and I use it every single day, and I love all the different makeups as well, foundation, bronzer, eye makeup, mascaras, liners, lipsticks – the lot!


Therefore, when we started stocking makeup at our skincare clinic, I was thrilled. (if for no other reason in that it would save me a small fortune in my personal makeup purchases!) Jane Iredale joined our clinic in 2018 and we went on the training a few months later I was even more hooked – Jane Iredale wasn’t just a great makeup with great colours but also an extension of your skincare – it didn’t just conceal my dark circles, for example, but the concealer also contain Green Tea extract to help correct my dark circles over time (Enlighten Concealer – no.1 for those of you who are interested) So after my training course I put in a HUGE order for the whole lot and couldn’t wait to get home and try it all...

A few weeks later, I had told possibly every human I had ever known in my life about Jane Iredale! The makeup not only performed better than anything I’d had before (NB: Brands that I had tried before including Bare Minerals, Laura Mercier, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit, Urban Decay and many more) but my skin was in its best every shape! I wasn’t getting breakouts if I put my makeup on at 7am and didn’t take it off until 10am or later, my skin wasn’t dry, I wasn’t getting an oil slick after lunch and the makeup was so lightweight I often forgot I even had it on!


The biggest thing I noticed as well was the coverage I got – in the past I had to use LOTS of product to get the coverage that I wanted however now I needed so little product and it gave me a great coverage – it also didn’t smudge or move down my face during the day.

Jane Iredale UK


The reason for this was that the Jane Iredale mineral makeup was 100% pure and the quality was unrivalled to anything else I had used in the past – the makeup was 100% mineral which meant that the coverage was incredible and buildable as Jane Iredale powders didn’t contain ingredients such as talcum powder and other cheap fillers that where diluting my coverage. This lack of cheap fillers also meant that my skin wasn’t being bombarded with chemicals and comodegenic ingredients.

Jane Iredale UK


Now I have been on the FULL range of Jane Iredale makeup for a few months and my skin not only looks amazing (if I do say so myself!) but also, I have never been so happy with my makeup and also interestingly, I have never bought so little makeup in my life! That’s another thing about Jane Iredale – their products just go on and on and on!  


Wishing you happy and healthy skin from Ms. Glow X

Ms. Glow