The importance of primers - why you need one!

The big questions I get asked A LOT in clinic is
  • What are primers?
  • Do I need one?
  • What does it actual do to my skin?
  • Does it even work?

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The answer to all of these questions is simply, primers are 100% essential to your everyday makeup routine – every single day! A primer is going to help not only your makeup to go on more smoothly, evenly and help absorb and control excess oil whilst also masking dehydration. It is also going to make your makeup last longer and also many primers have skin benefits too!

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Benefits of primers include:

  • Prepares your skin for a smooth flawless application of concealers and foundations
  • Helps to minimise imperfections including pigmentation, acne, scarring and lines and wrinkles by helping to create a smooth surface
  • Creates durability and a long-lasting base
  • Protects and hydrates the skin 

Primers are also especially important if you are not using mineral or high-quality makeup. Because of the cheap fillers, chemicals and comodegenic ingredients found in lower quality makeup the primer will help protect your skin from these ingredients – so if you are not going to spend money on anything else then at least make sure you get a high-quality primer!

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The primer that I would personally recommend is Jane Iredale’s Smooth Affair. It primers, hydrates and brightens and also gives a luminous finish, it’s great for all skin types but especially good for dry, mature skin. It also conditions the skin giving a hydration boost and helping to conceal redness, fine lines, wrinkles and sallow, lacklustre skin. Because it is a liquid primer it can also be mixed in with other Jane Iredale products, such as Amazing Base – to give a mouse effect to the powder – or Liquid Minerals, Dream Tint or any other Jane Iredale bases. You could also mix it into your moisturiser to give a natural glow.

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The great thing about primers is that you don’t have to wear them only when you can have makeup on. You can put them on every day to give your skin a natural glow or like mentioned above, mix it into your moisturiser each day to give your skin a natural glow. So, for those no-makeup days it’s perfect.

TOP TIP: Look for a primer that has an SPF in as well – this means that you have SPF protection every single day without having a heavy, white and chalky SPF, sun protection doesn’t have to be a sunscreen – it can be in your skincare, primer, foundation or all three!

Therefore, in response to the top four questions I get asked in the clinic about primers, if you have already answered them yourself by reading this blog then here they are below

    • What are primers? They are light facial creams or powders that help prep your skin for makeup application and help create a smooth even surface whilst also providing skin benefits.
    • Do I need one? Yes! Primers are great for every day makeup wearers to help your makeup last longer and go further whilst also being good for non-makeup wearers by providing either an SPF or a natural glow to the skin
  • What does it actual do to my skin? It helps to prime the skin for makeup, creating a smooth, even surface whilst also often hydrating the skin but most importantly, if you aren’t wearing high quality makeup, it provides a barrier between your skin and the makeup itself.
  • Does it even work? Oh my gosh, yes it so does! I’ve seen the results of makeup with a primer and without and the difference is amazing! Say for example that you have a dehydrated patch of skin on your forehead and an oily patch of skin on your checks. When you apply a liquid or powder foundation for example to the whole of the face, the dehydrated patch of skin will absorb that foundation much more than the oily patches, creating a patchy look to the makeup and also in some cases, actually changing the colour of the makeup all together. Therefore, when you apply a primer beforehand you have already corrected those different patches of skin, creating a smooth even surface for the makeup to be applied to.

Wishing you happy and healthy skin from Ms. Glow X

Ms. Glow