What active ingredients make products work?

What active ingredients are within Environ and what does it contain to make it work such wonders on the skin! (It’s not just magic) In this blog we explore some of Environ’s most active ingredient groups and why they are so effective on the skin.

Environ Skincare





Environ is built on vitamin A, and as discussed in my previous blog, you can find out the 10 main benefits of Vitamin A and C and why they are so amazing on the skin but for those of you too lazy to read said blog (don’t worry I’m not judging) here are the points in brief:

Environ Skincare


Vitamin A

Environ Skincare

-exfoliating and smoothing on the skin

-stimulates collagen and elastin

-normalises the skin


Vitamin C

Environ Skincare

-boosts collagen and elastin production

-anti-inflammatory and calming

-reduces and corrects pigmentation

Other vitamins that Environ use are Vitamin B5 (Panthenol – often used in cleansers) and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) which is amazing for acne prone skin and also pigmentation suffers. (Also it now completes the alphabet!)  

Environ Skincare


AHA’s and BHA’s

These are chemical exfoliators and help to smooth the skin from the inside out, they are great at stimulating collagen and elastin as well as smoothing and polishing the skin making them great for



-acne scars


-super smoothing the skin

Environ Skincare


Moisturising Agents

These are an important part in Environ’s formula, Environ uses a range of moisturising agents to help keep the skin supple, hydrated and nourished but their most popular ones are

-Soya Protein

-Hyaluronic Acid (my personal favourite!) My advice to you would be, if you see something with Hyaluronic acid in, buy it! It’s just amazing, it holds up to 1000 times in weight in water and is super hydrating – great for all skin types. But look out for crossed linked hyaluronic acid as it’s been chemically changed to hold up to 5000 times its weight in water – even better!



Environ Skincare

Anti-Ageing Power houses

These ingredients don’t really come under a group as such, they are just simply, power houses, super heros, amazing stuff – whatever you want to call it. These ingredients blast their way into your skin, creating dramatic changes in your skin’s epidermis and dermis. 

-Meritage – this ingredient is only contained in Environ products, why I don’t know because it’s just such an amazing ingredient! It’s in products such as Avance Elixir and targets the three signs of ageing. Lines and wrinkles, dehydration and pigmentation – just love, love, love it.

Environ Skincare


-Juvinity – found in Defence Serum 4 Plus it helps keep your collagen telomer strands long and strong, holding back the ageing process. Again lots of love for this one.

Environ Skincare


-Matrixyl – this stimulates the skin’s matrix and type 1 collagen. The best type of collagen you can have!

Type 1 Collagen – baby collagen – think baby’s bum

Type 3 Collagen – stimulates wound healing

Type 5 Collagen – stimulates wound healing

You need Type 3 and 5 before Type 1 can even occur so Matrixyl will help to stimulate the Type 3 and 5 at the same time.

Environ Skincare


Antioxidants play a powerful protective role in Environ products, they help to keep the skin safe by protecting against free radicals and oxidative damage. They also provide a natural SPF.

Environ Skincare


You may have heard this word banded around but never knew what it really meant – peptides are basically cell messengers and communicators that help the skin do what it once did, even better. They are great at repairing damage caused by ageing and are a powerful anti-ageing ingredient.



Possibly the most important ingredient in any skincare product. Environ have a unique SPF formula which consist of

Environ Skincare


Chemical Sunscreen – provides protection once UV rays hit the skin.

Pros – strong SPF that is only activated once needed

Cons – sensitive skins can react to chemical SPF so not too much can be used, these also produce free radicals, so you need to balance your chemical SPFs with antioxidants.

Physical Sunscreen – provides instant protection once applied to the skin

Pros – Instant protection, the minute you apply it and great for sensitive skins as non-chemical

Cons – can make a product chalky and white

Antioxidants – provide a natural SPF protection in high quantities

Pros – has LOADS of other skin benefits as well as providing SPF

Cons – needs to be used in very high quantities in a product to achieve an SPF rating which can make product very expensive

Environ Skincare

They are the first ever brand to use antioxidants as part of their SPF. The reason for this three-layer approach is that, as you can read above, all SPFs have their pros and cons and by combining all three, you get the benefits of all three whilst also using them in low quantities and equal percentages, avoid all the cons as well!

Wishing you happy and healthy skin from Ms. Glow X

Ms. Glow