What makes Environ different to other skincare brands?

 What makes Environ different to other skincare brands? In essence Environ is a cosmeceutical skincare range which means it treats right down to the dermis of the skin (the important part. Like the engine room of your skin) and it goes deeper.

Environ Skincare

Therefore, has more profound and dramatic effect on your skin. Other high street brands are cosmetics and therefore just surface plump the skin rather than change the way it behaves, as Environ say, smells don’t change cells.

 Environ Skincare


Other brands are also cosmeceutical such as Skinceuticals, Murad and Aestheticare so this alone doesn’t make Environ different. What really sets Environ apart is the fact that it is founded by Dr Des Fernandes from South Africa. A leading plastic surgeon, heart surgeon, dermatologist and doctor who was voted one of the top 10 surgeons in the world. Dr Des has years of experience working with the skin on a biochemical level as well as on a cosmetic level. He invented the scarless facelift as well as working with Dr Bernard on one of the first ever heart transplants. He is a highly intelligent man with a fantastic understanding of how the skin and body functions and all this knowledge brought him to creating Environ.

 Environ Skincare

Dr Des decided to found Environ after two of his young patients from his clinic in South Africa, died of skin cancer. This is the most common cancer in the world and is also the easiest to prevent. Dr Des did some research and discover that SPF is an important factor in protecting the skin from UV light and free radicals – therefore preventing skin cancer – but also Vitamin A was a key ingredient in terms of not only preventing skin cancer but also keeping the skin in optimal health. Dr Des did some further research on Vitamin A and found it to be like no other – it was like oxygen for the skin and 95% of women were deficient in it. (going back to our engine room analogy, what Dr Des discovered was that Vitamin A was the highest quality fuel for the engine)

“I want to make something that makes the skin actually BE better, not merely feel or appear better” Dr Des.

Environ Skincare

Dr Des set about creating a Vitamin A cream that would help correct this vitamin A deficiency in many women, and that was how Environ AVST (Active Vitamin Stimulation Therapy) was born. Eventually Dr Des went on to build a whole range, but the corner stone was and always will be – vitamin A. The key ingredients to skin health.


Another reason that makes Environ different is the vast array of advanced



-AHAs and BHAs


Read the blog I’ve written Active Ingredients within Environ for more info – thanks!

 Environ Skincare


The most unique thing about Environ is the step-up system. This system is unique to Environ and allows you to start on a set level of Vitamin A in level 1 and then step up to level 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on. This is unique to Environ and doesn’t happen in any other brand. It allows you to get up to high levels of vitamin A without getting a reaction – moving up through the levels means that you will eventually be able to use products that would have been far too strong for your skin to start with but if you step up on them slowly means that you can get there eventually. It’s like using fairly high quality oil in your engine room and then using higher and higher quality as the engine gets use to it.

Environ Skincare

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