Why you need to be using a toner

In the 90s and 2000s a term that was banded around A LOT was the mantra, cleanse, tone, moisturise and to be honest, it’s still used a lot today. It’s the basic, bog standard routine for your skin which nearly everyone with even a slight interest in their skin, adhered to. However, things have changed since then. Originally cleansers were much oilier and thicker in consistency and toners where used to remove the residue from the skin in order to prevent congestion. For this reason, many toners were strong, astringent and alcohol based to thoroughly remove any oil or moisture residue, ahh those days.


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The skin was then rehydrated with a moisturiser. However, today that is not the case (thank goodness!). Lots more cleansers are water-based meaning that they rinse off completely with water and only old fashioned and cheap cleansers leave residue. Toners have therefore in some way, become redundant. But...they are making a resurgence!


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Toners are no longer toners but treatment lotions. This means that they can be added to your routine for skin benefits e.g. hydration, decongestion, anti-ageing, calming etc. This means your toner is not just removing your cleanser but also treating your skin. Double whammy.


I’ve worked with various different skincare brands, but my main training and knowledge is with Dermalogica and Environ, who both have different points of view when it comes to toners. Dermalogica believe that spritzing a toner is the best way to get it onto the skin. This I would agree with, say for example you apply your moisturiser twice a day, like most of my clients (unless you are moisturiser crazy and like to apply four times a day, if so, please calm down), you can spritz your toner as many times as you like, meaning that you get SO much more product and ingredient onto your skin. It’s also a great way to refresh and set your makeup (providing that you have a mist – much finer partials – rather than a toner – heavier partials) and if you do get a little warm during the day (for certain ladies), then it’s a great way to cool and refresh your skin (and not go bright pink – always a bonus).

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Environ on the other hand believes in the treatment lotion point of view – their toners cannot be spritzed onto the skin, but they can be mixed into your moisturiser as a liquid booster or applied with cotton disk to dry on the skin before applying your moisturiser or serum. I personally like both.

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I know that makes it much harder for you to decide which is right for you however it really comes down to preference. I like a spritz, I love the refreshing and cooling feel of it and I can apply it multiple times throughout the day. However, if I had serious dehydration or ageing concerns I would be more like to go for a twice day application of a leave on toner, that would treat my skin intensely throughout the day and also give a boost to my already strong moisturiser and/or serum combo.

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Key ingredients to look out for in toners would be

-Hyaluronic Acid – hydration

-Lactic Acid or Glycolic Acid – anti-ageing and acne (exfoliating)

-Salicylic Acid – anti-bacterial, great for acne

-Antioxidants – protection, great for all skin types

-Witch Hazel – open pores

-Peptides – anti-ageing

Wishing you happy and healthy skin from Ms. Glow X

Ms. Glow