Why your brushes really do matter – PART 2

Discover more about Jane Iredale brushes in our part one blog and how they are different to other brushes!


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Easy to use

This seems obvious but so many of us make this mistake – your brushes need to be easy to use and make applying your makeup easier, not harder. Obviously, all makeup takes practice and it will take you a couple of applications until you get used to it but once you get going a brush should make your makeup look and feel better when it’s going on but also help to last longer and look more professional.

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Quick to clean

This is where my OCD side comes in! Cleaning your brushes at least once every 2 weeks is essential! I know that we all don’t do it enough but please, please, please do! Especially if you have acne, what happens is that the bacteria from your acne, which you often use excess makeup to cover up is transferred onto your brushes and then in turn transferred back onto your skin once your breakout has cleared up. Also, if you are using a real animal hair brush, which are less anti-bacterial then these will bred even more bacteria.

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Hand Cut Brushes

All Jane Iredale brushes are manufactured in the US and all brushes are hand tied and hand cut, meaning that they are softer and will also last for longer. This is why brushes are worth the investment, if you look after them and wash them regularly, they will last you for years!

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair brushes are better for soooo many reasons! They harbour less bacteria, they wash up more easily, the dry quicker when they are washed, and they are often cut to create a sharper, more defined brush which will give you better makeup application. They are also vegan and cruelty-free.

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Why Jane Iredale Brushes

Like I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I use Jane Iredale brushes because they are vegan and cruelty free but also the quality of them means that they just last and last! The biggest test I think that you put brushes through is using them several times a day with different makeups and different people’s skin, my professional brush kit I use every single day and I clean my brushes in between clients (around 5 times a day) and I then wash them at the end of each day with a big wash at the end of each week. That’s more than you would ever wash your brushes and I can say that my brushes still

Jane Iredale UK


-have all their bristles in tact

-don’t malt or loose hair

-are still smooth and silky to touch

-still apply product brilliantly

-haven’t discoloured or stained


That ladies and gents is a sign of a very good brush! Other benefits of Jane Iredale brushes include

-hand cut brushes

-make your makeup last longer

-synthetic hairs are non-irritating

-cruelty free


-hand tied brushes

-high quality


Wishing you happy and healthy skin from Ms. Glow X

Ms. Glow