Hydroxy Toner Environ
Hydroxy Toner Environ

Alpha Hydroxy Toner

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Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner

Who said toners weren't important in your routine? This toner is PACKED full of exfoliants and acids to super charge your skincare routine. In contains a medium concentration of Gycolic Acids which melt away any impuritites and exfoliate the skin. Leaving it glowing and radiant.

It's a great step to replace your exfoliation product if you are short of time in the morning or just want to up your skincare routine!

Great for rough, photo damaged skin and acne prone skin, also great for ageing, pigmentation, pitted skin and open pores. Need to be on AVST 3 or higher or C-Quence 3. Ask your therapist for more details when ordering. 

    How to use

    After pre-cleansing and cleansing apply to this skin using a dry cotton pad or hands and allow to dry and follow with your Environ products. Use PM only to start with and build up to AM + PM>

    Suitable for pregnant clients

    How to order

    To purchase, email elle@winslowskincare.co.uk or WhatsApp 07867507037 to place an instant order