Derma Lac Lotion
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Derma-Lac Lotion

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DermaLac Lotion - 2-3 month usage, use 50p piece of product

This easy to apply lotion helps stop the cycle of dry skin. It contains Lactic Acid in an easily absorbed formula which helps to deeply moisturise and soften uneven skin texture revealing a well moisturised, improved skin texture and tone.

  • Great for all skin types and conditions especially dry, pigmented skin and those suffering with scarring, congestion, keratosis pilaris and ingrowing hairs
  • It assists in naturally exfoliating the skin to smooth and soften
  • Deeply moisturises
  • Brightens the skin giving radiance
  • Great for scar tissue and thick, coarse skin
  • It cocoons the skin with moisture

Top Tip: Introduce slowly and do not apply after shaving – will sting- and do not use over fake tan as will remove it.

How to use: Introduce slowly and gradually build up to twice daily usage. Always use with A, C & E oil as this product is too drying on its own

Suitable for pregnant clients

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