Frown Serum Environ
Frown Serum Environ

Frown Serum

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Frown Serum - Botox in a bottle

Our award winning Frown Serum from Environ is one of the most popular products in the range, and actually STOPS your forehead muscles from contracting. Have an instant firming and botox like effect. 

NB: Product must be used over a period of at least 3 months for full results.

Great for facial expression lines, frown lines and can be used alongside botox as it prolongs the effects.

How does it work?

Unique blend of peptides that assist in softening and improving the appearance of expression lines which reduces the appearance of premature ageing.

It contains 3 anti-ageing peptides that work on the three stages of muscle contraction:

  • Argireline – works on the nero transmitter to slow down muscle contraction
  • Leuphasyl – inhibits calcium uptake therefore reducing muscle activity
  • SYN-AKE – Acts directly on the muscle receptor for nerve transmission and has been prevent or reduce muscle cell contraction.

Therefore these 3 peptides work syngergiscally to work exactly the same as Botox without the needles!

How to use

Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone. Treat the areas of concern with the Environ Roller (at PM only – speak to your therapist for more details) Apply 1-3 pumps of the product to the forehead and temple area. Allow to sink into the skin and then apply the appropriate Environ Eye Gel and Vitamin A cream for optimum results. Use AM + PM.

Watch video to see the results! 

Suitable for pregnant clients

How to order


To purchase, email or WhatsApp 07867507037 to place an instant order