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Skin Accumax is the new generation supplement for acne-prone and breakout-prone skin. This revolution and patented formula targets breakouts on all levels, helping to target breakouts at the source, before they even reach the skin.

This product has been a worldwide phenomena and sells out of skincare clinics and salons globally. Because of it's natural ingredients, it can be used by nearly all clients and is a fantastic alternative to the harsh, chemically inbalancing breakout clearing medications such as Accuntane and Roaccuntane which can be incredibly damaging on young skins.

How does it work?

Accumax contains a unique formula called DIM - a highly active, patented plan compound that actually comes from broccoli! Another reason to eat your 5 a day! This DIM helps to control hormone levels within the body, therefore reducing breakout activity. Whilst also controlling oil levels without dehydrating the skin. 

When do I see results?

Some people see results from Accumax after just a few weeks of use! It varries from person to person. Here at Winslow we always recommend at least 6 weeks of usage before judging the results. Always take before and after photos to track your progress! 

How many supplements do I take?

Accumax is a food supplement, not a medication, so you can't overdose on it, however we would recommend taking a max of 3-4 supplements a day if you are really struggling with your skin, 2-3 if not so much. Then after 3 months of use, or when your acne as cleared up, drop down to 2-1 supplements a day. Eventually reducing to 1 a day for maintenance. 


ONE OF A KIND: The formulation is so ground-breaking that it is patented. There is quite literally no other product like Skin Accumax.

NO CHEMICALS: Unlike tropical treatments, Skin Accumax addresses problem skin from the inside out. It won't cause dryness or flakiness and doesn't contain harsh chemicals.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Skin Accumax contains a super-high concentration of active ingredients for people prone to problem skin. We couldn't get any more in if we tried.

EASILY ABSORBED: It's easily absorbed by the body so it gets to work much quicker.  

HEALTH BENEFITS: The European Food Safety Authority is the agency that provides independent scientific advice and reviews the scientific evidence relating health claims to vitamins and minerals. These are the claims that this independent agency has approved for ingredients in our Skin Accumax.

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