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Revival Mask Environ
Revival Mask Environ
Revival Mask Environ
Revival Mask Environ

Revival Mask

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Tri Bio Botanical Revival Mask – the face lift in a jar.

Visibly luminous, radiant, smoother, younger and revitalised skin. The combination of revolutionary ingredients makes this appearance possible.  In a 3-year trial, the longest clinical trial in history for a cosmetic product, out of 100 people in the trial, 99% noticed a difference in their skin.

Great for all skin types but especially clients concerned with ageing and uneven texture and pigmentation. Amazing for those suffering with glycation, the cross hatched wrinkles on the skin.

It contains Asiatic Acid which stimulates growth, Lactic Acid which is hydrating locks in moisture and because of this you can take this product close to the eyes. And finally, Mandelic acid which helps with open pores and pigmentation. Environ are the only company ever to combine these 3 acids into one products.

How to use

Use in the evening, pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone. Using the brush, apply a thin layer to the face, neck and décolleté. Leave on the skin for desired time (see below) and removed with tepid water. For overnight application, same routine but leave to absorb for 20 mins before sleeping and then sleep in the product.

Build up time frame:

WEEK 1 – Use twice a week for 10 mins

WEEK 2 – Use 2-3 times a week for 20 mins

WEEK 3 – Use 3-7 times a week for 20 mins

WEEK 4 – Use 3-7 times a week and sleep over night

Watch video to find out more

How to order

To purchase, email or WhatsApp 07867507037 to place an instant order